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“Who wants Food and Drinks?”

“Who wants Food and Drinks?”

That’s the usual question of our FTC kids to the street children every Wednesday for their street feeding program. I’m sure these FTC kids can relate to this question since they were once asked the same question when they were still out in the street begging for food.

Weekly, Mike, Andrea along with the FTC staff and kids conducts a street feeding program on the streets within the town proper in the City of San Pablo.  They tell bible stories and share the gospel before feeding the children.

Street children often gather in places where the public congregates: transportation hubs, parks, near restaurants, and shopping areas. Locating themselves in these areas may be perceived as providing them with greater opportunities to get an odd job, or in all likelihood, increase their success at begging for money or food.

Because of your prayers and support, we believe that we can all make a difference in the lives of this poor street children.

Your support made it possible for us to go back on the streets every week and ask; “Who wants food and drinks?”

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