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The Best Way to Start a Year

The best way to start a great new year is to end the previous one in a great way! At Face the Children we had a very fun, eventful, and blessed December. God is bringing in new partners, both local and foreign and, by His grace, FTC continues building a good reputation among the people of San Pablo and even in other cities.Pictured here is one of the several Christmas parties we had at Face the Children. We broke our old record this year by having 4 outside groups come and host a Christmas party for the kids. They would bring games, prizes, gifts, and, of course, food! We actually had more requests by other groups, but couldn’t fit them all in! Christmas is a time when most of us think about our family, both the good and the bad. These parties were a great way to boost moral and remind the kids that God loves them, which was also shown through the kindness of others.

Pictured here is Lovely with coach Jovani, a full time boxing and MMA trainer from San Pablo City. God touched his heart when he heard about FTC, and he now volunteers every Saturday to train 12 of the kids for free. They do running, cardio workouts, calisthenics, and of course boxing. Jovani has also been attending our Frontline City Church for the past two months. This is another great example of God bringing the local community together, providing both more opportunity for the FTC kids, and for local people to find their way back to God!We are truly excited about 2015! We want to ask you to join with us in prayer about three specific things:

  • That God would provide more opportunities for the FTC kids, that they would have genuine hope in their heart
  • That more partners, both local and foreign, would join the mission of FTC
  • That God would send us a great social worker and psychologist, who are Christians, to help us in the holistic restoration we see God doing in the lives of these kids.



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