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Christie Par

We recently took one evening to honor Christie “Tinay” Par. Christie has been with Face the Children for 7 years, and is now 21 years old. When she was 14 one of our missionaries saw her near her house, which was inside the local dump site at that time. God began to work in a series of events which would, soon after that, bring her into our lives and full time care.

Since Christie was 14 when she joined our program schooling has always been a challenge. She missed so many primary years of development and education. Yet still, God is good and in December Christie was able to take her ALS (comparative to the US GED)!! We are all so proud of her. Her determination. Her accomplishments. Her “can do” attitude.

This evening, however, was bittersweet. Change is never an easy thing for us to handle. We celebrate that Christie is moving back with her mom, who now lives in a decent home. We celebrate that Christie is set to start vocational training at a nearby TESDA. But still, as she moved her stuff out of the camp, the reality began to hit many of our kids in FTC and staff that she was moving out and moving on. Even though, on this evening, stories were shared, tears were shed, and laughs were had by all.

Perhaps the only thing in life that is consistent is change. As Christ followers and parents we are constantly challenged to let go, and let God do His work. We are proud of what God has done in Christie’s life, and that He allowed us at FTC to be a part of it for 7 years! Christie is in line for a better future, and with vocational training should have a real opportunity for life. Thank you for continuing to partner with us in prayer and finances, as we desire to help more kids like Christie in the Philippines.


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