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New Born Leaders

At Frontline Worship Center we have 25 small groups for women, men and young people. Some of these are being by lead by the FTC teens. it’s a blessing to see them serving God and serving people in their small groups.

To lead is not an easy thing to do, it requires hard work, dedication, patience and passion. Leaders have a responsibility to live by example, and to have a servants heart.

judeaJudea Delos Santos:

I started my small group through the FWC youth service. During our youth service we had a group session, and I was asked to lead a group. Hearing other young people opening up, sharing their experiences, struggles and speaking their minds challenged me to start a small group. I have been handling a small group for six months now, and i’m really enjoying it! As a leader I’ve learned a lot of things; like being patient and leading by example.

Marilyn Alad:


At first, it was really difficult for me. Just the thought of handling different people with different attitude gave me enough reason not entertain this idea. But I knew in my heart that God was calling me, and because of the desire that God put in my heart I responded to lead a small group.

Since then I’ve learned to be responsible not only for myself but also to other people, especially the ones under my care. I learned that leadership is servanthood; we serve the people we lead; we listen to them, spend time with them and pray for them. Over the months I’ve established a good relationship with my group.  It’s still difficult, but when you see lives are changing because they know they have a “home” (their small group) where they can share their problems and their struggles it challenges me keep serving through this ministry.


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