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Myrna Batocabe

Meet Myrna, a child whose life has been drastically changed by God through the care of the Face the Children program.

Our first contact with Myrna was several years ago. She and her siblings were spotted alongside the highway, out in the hot sun and heavy traffic, sitting in a filthy wooden cart full of bottles, cardboard, and trash. She was visibly suffering from malnourishment, skin infections, lice, and in need of not only food and attention, but protection as well. Deeply disturbed by the situation, we expressed our concern to the father, who returned only a blank gaze, and pushed the cart away. That was the last time Myrna or her siblings were seen for about a year.

One day Jeff Rice discovered where Myrna lived, which was in the local cemetery. He explained to the father how unsafe it was for kids to be living in such conditions, and asked that Myrna be brought to the FTC center. Unfortunately, the father would not listen. Unfortunately, a few days later Myrna was abused. At that time the father brought her to FTC and asked for help, and Myrna has been under the care of FTC for about four years now.

When she first arrived we noted a speech impediment. Myrna could not talk. However, as the years have passed, and she has been given the love and attention she needs, her speech has greatly improved; and she is developing into a wonderful and healthy young girl. Myrna just finished her first year at our local preschool, and will continue on with her schooling at Frontline Academy this coming year! We are so happy that God brought Myrna to Frontline, and we know God plans that she grow into a beautiful young woman of God.


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