Face the ChildrenPhilipine Frontline Ministries, Inc.

Summer Challenge

Every summer we face the challenge of keeping the kids engaged mentally, spiritually, and physically. In 2012 we responded to this need by holding our first Step It Up summer camp. This was designed primarily for the kids of Face the Children, but it quickly opened up for the Frontline staff children as well. Now, in 2015, we just completed our 3rd Step It Up program, and it was awesome! We focused on three main areas:
  • Spiritual development. This year we focused on Isaiah 6:1-8. Which is the revelation of God, the realization of His holiness, the recognition of our own sinfulness, and the renewal of our perspective and response of our lifestyle. We also incorporated daily worship, aiming to teach that our worship for God should start at home.
  • Education & Practical Skills training. We incorporated math quizz games, practical sewing lessons, Junk Wars (reduce, reuse, & recycle), and art lessons from one of our FWC Campus Pastors.
  • Sports & Athletic development. We played games. Lots of fun games! Dodgeball, basketball, volleyball, individual challenges, relay games, kickball… no ball was safe when it came to us playing games!
Seeing these 51 kids thrive in these three areas was a joy for all of us volunteers and staff who helped make it happen. Planning a four week program has proven to be a lot of work, but have seen firsthand the results and positive impact that it makes in the lives of the children and youth. Usually the best things in life take time, commitment, and determination. We are truly thankful to all who helped make this summer program happen.Programs like this are an essential part of the holistic restoration of children and youth. They need to learn, through practical hands-on application, how to lead a team, work with others, bring God into their home, and overcome the many difficulties of life. There has already been inquiry for us to open this summer camp to more outside kids and youth next year, I guess we will see what God has in store!

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