Face the ChildrenPhilipine Frontline Ministries, Inc.


At Frontline Christian Academy (FCA) we have a great mix of kids in our student body. This includes many kids from our Face the Children program (FTC). Even though they come from all sorts of backgrounds, with some of their stories harsh and painful, they are looking toward their futures and are a major part of the testimony of our school. Another part of the student body are the children of the Pastors and staff workers of Frontline, while the remaining 55% are comprised of children from the local community.

year endWe’re so proud to know that 25% of the kids on the Honor Roll last quarter were children from FTC! We are also proud that, within the last 5 years, FTC has produced the high school valedictorian twice. The first was Jefferson Bon, who went on to finish his college degree in internet technologies, and is now working at RemoteLink Philippines, Inc.. The second to achieve this honor was Marilyn Alad, who is currently attending college for a degree in architecture. This year FTC may see another valedictorian and salutatorian (2nd place) in the elementary and high school levels.

Another reason to celebrate is that recently we were blessed with a new school bus! The smiles on the kids faces when they first saw and rode in the bus were so beautiful, their joy could not be contained. And since then no children have been late catching the bus in the morning!


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